30 JanDiscardia 1/30

Who would really appreciate this?
If the answer is “Me” then keep it, otherwise send it on to a better home with good wishes.

And in light of that, I just cleared out a bunch of discardia posts from my bloglines. I kept some of them that I do want to come back to, but I’m giving myself permission to allow that I was sick at some point in the last two weeks & I don’t have to compulsively hang on to stuff… So there.

Going somewhat beyond that, part of why I’m doing discardia is because the answer to “who would appreciate this” is too frequently “Me”. Hence The Count from Sesame Street finger puppet sits on top of the 200+ year old Persian tea table on the mantle. Along with *way* too much other stuff… But I really appreciate all of it. So taking this quote really to heart, I think I’m going to discardia it for my own good. I’ll stick with other qualifiers to keep/not keep stuff (is it beautiful, is it useful, will I ever look at/use it again, etc.).

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