24 NovFull. Content. Tired.

Had the bird at my cousin’s today. It was a nice relaxed gathering. M1 went home with Gramma & Grampa & we’ll go down & have another bird on Saturday & pick her up. M2 cried, “Mari-i! Mari-i! Mari-i!” almost all the way home until she fell asleep as we took our exit off I-5. Once home she asked about M1 a number of times and seemed content with my answer that she was with Gramma & Grampa. “Oh. Ok!” She wasn’t so happy at bedtime, but after about five minutes she settled down.

I’m thankful for dead tasty bird, my sweet family (immediate, extended, chosen, etc.), rum&coke, naps, the roving I’m spinning for my future s-i-l (it’s vibrant & beautiful, a worthy match)… Um… I’m thankful that I’m done with school, and I’m thankful for the connections I made with people in school, and for so so much more…

Now I’m going to go back to enjoying & being thankful for my evening rum&coke.

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