04 NovFinally Friday

N is dropping M2 off here so I left work 10 minutes early & stopped by Weaving Works on my way home. My stash was getting low & I was starting to worry about not having any stash. Now I have bright pink wool to spin for felted (or if you’re uptight about definitions, I guess the authoritative term is “fulled” but whatever, it’s more or less the same concept) slippers for M1, bright turquoise wool for felted slippers for me, size 10.5 needles, and a mohair blend called Mohave for the future sister in law for… Xmas or birthday… It’s a blend of brilliant red, deep orange, bright yellow, some brown, and black. It’s really beautiful & I can hardly wait to get to it. I hope she’ll have as much fun knitting it as I will spinning it for her. I got a half pound, so that should be hopefully enough for her to do something with… more than enough for a hat & scarf, not enough for a sweater though… I need to take pictures. But I need more to work right now.

I spent my morning puttering on SQL queries retrieving from our news source dBs. It was initially frustrating because it didn’t like my syntax, even though my syntax was correct, it was just being uber-picky about the [where contains] statements. But I finally have the companies queries down to something that retrieves acceptably accurately & only a few left of them to do. Based on what I learned doing that, I think I know what will work for competitor product queries when I get to them. The accuracy way sky-rocketed. The last queries were not happy queries. Irrelevance galore. No one looking at Time Warner – AOL for company relevant information wants to read about Harry Potter. Or maybe they do, but that would be more of a funky serendipity thing than a relevant & expected result hit sort of thing.

But this leaves me with taxonomy to work on for the rest of my day. Flat-list, data entry of dictionary terms here I come. I guess.

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