11 JunIt’s All Over But The Parties

As it turns out, even though we sent M2 home with my aunt, she didn’t probably get home until shortly before us because she went and got cake at my cousin’s surprise party, then there was a little accident (just a little one, no one hurt, Auntie’s car a little worse for the wear, airbags didn’t even deploy they were going so slow) on the way home that took a little additional time… and she was awake for all of this having got up at 5am, and having had only a 1.5 hour nap… And then she got up at her usual time around 6:45am this morning. I tried to convince her to go back to sleep until 7:30 & then gave up. Letting P & M1 sleep in. P had a big ol’ Barry White sized frog in his throat by the time the ceremony was done & he’s been feeling a little under the weather. I’m used to getting up about this time after going to bed late what with papers & all…

I hear movement… it’s M1! Oh, my poor girls are going to be tuckered by party-time… Oh cute. They just cuddled up on the futon together. I think M1 might be trying to go back to sleep with her sister climbing all over her. Hmm.

The ceremony last night was great. My folks drove us there. My mom promptly ran into someone she knew. I aimlessly wandered at the reception with M2 showing off the iTot. Lots of comments about “wait — that’s the baby“? That’s the baby! As I lay in the bathtub last night reflecting, three years since I got both my acceptance letter & positive pregnancy test in the same month until now went really freaking fast… Ran into BossTweed and chatted briefly. My brother showed up & I caught up with him and the woman who taught my gov pubs class.. I showed M1 off to my advisor who used to be my FTE bosslady — last time she’d seen M1 she was 3-6 months old… Then JB and BT showed up, and then my brother’s girlfriend J. Eventually we saw the stream of black robed & hatted people moving towards wherever we were supposed to go, so off I went.

It was picture time. That was entertaining. paradisecowgirl sat suspiciously near behind me so if I have rabbit ears in the class picture it’s *her* fault… wouldn’t be the first time… Then we indexed ourselves into alphabetical order. I lead in the third & final row of MLIS students. I thought the intro & keynote were interesting… but I’m an information geek, so maybe that was just me. I managed to get across the stage without embarrassing myself. I handed my hood off, was pushed into a crowd of professors who all grabbed a part of my hood and put it on, and then a certificate, and then shaking hands with The Dean, and then signing the book and posing for one last picture & back to my seat. And it was done! It’s official! Shit. They forgot to teach us the secret handshake & give us our decoder rings! Oh well. We got a little iPin… someone along the way will surely let us in on the secret…

JB and BT left after my people walked when they realized there were the MSIMs & informatics students yet to come. Y’know. The important part was over anyway… ;) I felt sorry for the poor informatics — they looked so plain in their black gowns & hats with yellow tassels just having to shake hands with professors. And then, around 10:15, it was over & we processioned ourselves right back out into the lobby. Amazingly I spotted P really quickly & then the final pictures in the lobby of the theater, showing off my hood & we were whisked home.

And it’s done. And everything has changed. And nothing has changed.

I guess now I try to readapt to civilian life.

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