30 MayLong Weekends

Long weekends are bloody brilliant. We should get more of them. And everyone should get more than two weeks off a year. That’s just ridiculous. And way not enough time. < peeve for another day >

Saturday we puttered. I made double chocolate chocolate chip cookies, extra big, so we could take two massive chocolate cookies, mash ice cream into the centers & make ice cream sandwiches. I am *too* a genius. Yum. Oh, and we bought popcicles. And our garden for the year. Tomatoes, cucs, tarragon (my old plant I found again under a feral strawberry bush), chives (ditto), and a bunch of flowers for “M1’s Garden.”

Sunday we went to Folklife with the kids. Mostly to watch the kids (ours). M2 insisted on walking everywhere. Secretly, or not so secretly, I was glad of the excuse to be able to put my bags & the kids’ coats in the stroller & push them around instead of carrying them. But… I spent a lot more time chasing M2 than I would have had we been able to keep her strollered. Oh well. She was adorable. And M1 was fascinated, especially by the food & having lunch by the fountain. She really wanted to go run through it, as did M2, but we are cruel & unjust parents and would have none of it. Poor babies. They found other things to have a good time with. M1 was a little disappointed that we didn’t buy any souvenir-y-type things. I told her we bought lunch & that was our souvenir. Or at least mine, because her metabolism might be fast enough to burn it off, but I suspect I’ll be carrying my lunch around with me for a little longer. We bobbed & danced a little and finally it was apparent that M2 was going to start melting down around 1:30 so we headed for home. Unsurprisingly The Girls(tm) were both fast asleep by the time we passed under Aurora. The rest of the day was pleasant & relatively quiet.

Today we went to a park not far from our house. The Girls(tm) played on the playground, then we went and played on the swings, then we shot hoops (or at least made valiant efforts), then we played a little frisbee & trailofstars pretended he was a rockstar frisbee player & was diving after the frisbee doing his best to destroy the clothes he was in & mocking me for pointing my toes when I jumped to catch the frisbee… then there was more playground & then we came home for lunch, put the girls down for nap/quiet time & did a mountain of laundry. I should have taken a picture of it, lest you doubt the accuracy of my mountainous description. Verily, though, I say unto you. Speaking of which, there’s still a basket left. I’d rather go spin. And I have a little bit of storytelling class stuff to do.

I’m not at all ready for the weekend to be over. It’s been good. Now for the final push to graduation (11 days, 10 as of tomorrow), and then the craziness that is graduation weekend, then Father’s Day, then my Dad’s birthday, then a quick breath, then the 4th, then my brother’s birthday, then Hisself’s fambly M’s game, then… maybe another breather? Maybe two? Then (dun-dun-dun-DUNNNNNN) our tenth anniversary, then the insanity that is getting M1 ready for school & drs/dentists appts… This is why I think two weeks of vacation time in a year is a crock — by the time summer is over, I’m going to need at least a week to recuperate… Meh.


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