21 MayLovely day

We went to the early showing of Forever Tango, saw some fabulous shoes dancing. We saw fabulous shoes on fabulous dancers. It was loverly. We had an expensive view dinner. Hard to beat creme brulée for dessert. It’s funny. We struggled sisyphisianly all morning to have a conversation, I think we were half way to the theater before I said to P, Funny — we finally get a chance to talk without interruptions and we don’t seem to be able to find anything to say… Some days are just quiet like that. We basked in uninterrupted silence instead of uninterrupted conversation instead. It was good. And we talked a little. I’m glad we didn’t have to have show conversations like the tables around us at dinner.

Last night we had a friend from work over. The boys talked music all evening and drank a respectable volume of beer. A serious volume of beer. I had two shots of rum in my rumancoke. It was all good.

Now, tie up a few loose school ends & call it good for the evening. Or at least this part of the evening.

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