17 MayPuttering

Did some schoolwork tonight. I think everything is going to come together by the end of the quarter. At least that’s my plan…

Then I added a bunch of stuff to Lepismatidae. MT is up, photo gallery is up (though there’s not much on it), library school stuff is on it… even the random misc page has a super tiny bit on it. Those of you with bug phobias can rest assured my sweet little silverfish appears only on the front page. This may or may not change in the future. I *probably* won’t add one that twitches, but I could see that livening things up a bit. :)

I’m still debating as to whether or not I have a graduation party for myself the Sunday after graduation. It seems like a good thing to do since the other parties are all going to be huge & full of people I don’t know… on the other hand, by Sunday am I going to be totally peopled out? Nahhhhhh. I’m kinda leaning towards doing it at the moment. Oh. The other question is, with all the other parties & activities that weekend, will the house be fit for decent folks to step foot in it (even if it is only to go to the backyard)? That I do not know the answer to. We may have to wait and see.

Sunday was a trip to Weaving Works. I bought some pretty pretty stuff to spin up for D, couldn’t find any good merino colors to spin up for a baby hat for my cousin’s wife who’s due in… November? They’re not finding out what it’s going to be (human presumably) until it’s born so gender-neutral is in order & there was just nothing inspiring. I’ll be back there before November though, no doubt. Better luck then. I also bought cards so I could mix some colors better. I had hand cards before, but they were really small — I have full sized ones now. They mean business! I want a drum carder, but at $300+ they’re way out of my price range at the moment. Maybe some day. Maybe.

Hm. Well that seems to be that. I’m sure the second the computer is off I’ll think of something I would have added had the computer been on, but it’ll be off. So there.

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