15 MayVision Thing

So I went in for my first eye appointment so I could get new glasses in five+ years. I *knew* my prescription was funky. As it turns out, my right eye, my “good” eye, has a prescription that’s WAY too strong for it. That explains a lot, like why my eyes freak out sometimes driving after I’ve been sitting at work. Like why I have a tendency to peer over the top of my glasses at people. Why my eyes feel strained at the end of a day. I should know better than to wait this long after a pregnancy to get my eyes checked (yes, pregnancy & other hormonal shifts affect vision, for those not in the know).

Taking Girl-child #1 with me to Weaving Works in a bit. Gotta get some more fiber. Some stuff for D, and, y’know, try to restrain myself from going overboard… I can’t spin it all at once… and I do have school work still, even if I *will* be graduation shortly. (TWENTY-SIX DAYS UNTIL GRADUATION!)

Had a weird experience on Friday night. M1 had a birthday party at some pottery painting place right by the Alderwood Mall. Rather than drive all the way home, turn around & drive all the way back, we just decided to walk over to the mall & find a juice place. I know — across the street doesn’t sound it’d kill enough time, but see, we let M2 walk the whole way. And we started at the south end, and it took us ’til nearly the north end before P found a place we could go in through. We could have walked through Nordstroms (I refused) or Pottery Barn (he refused), we *thought* we could go in through Ravenna Gardens, but it didn’t go through… right so north end. M2 is still happily walking and jumping off every lamp post base we go past. And we, < gasp > walked back to the south end through the middle of the mall. I had no idea that Friday night at the mall was still a place kids went. There were *so* many kids there. It was weird. Girls being girly, boys being full of teenage bravado & attitude… We looked in the window of the Hot Topic store, and felt very very old (me more so than Mr. Corrosion of Conformity) & had a good long belly laugh about the old school GnR wall hanging in the back.

I’ve let homework slide really long this week & should be doing it now. Soon. Soon-ish. Kinda. In a bit maybe.

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