09 MayHappy Mother’s Day

Discussion. 2ayem. Mother’s Day, but only just barely.

< singing in the halls >

“Mph, mmm, what’s up M1, besides everyone in the family now?” < as M2 stands up & P rolls over with a big floating question mark over his head >

“Happy Mother’s Day! I just lost another tooth!”

< attempting to pry eyes open, lift M2 out of the crib so she'll go back to sleep, and figure out how waking me at 2am is in anyway a kind thing to do to me on Mother's Day... > “Ok, well, find the tooth pillow [it’s little, it has a pocket on it & we hang it on the outside of her door because that way the toothfairy can come and go unharassed…].

< singing in the halls >
“Mama-mama-mama-mama!? I can’t find thetooth-pillo— oh here it is. Mama-mama-mama-mama! Come tuck me in!”

“Ok, let me get your sister back down…”

< five seconds pass >
“Mama-mama-mama-mama!? Come tuck me in now!”

< sigh >
“In a moment, honey…”

So I go tuck her in, then go in & pretend to pee, so I can flush the toilet covering the fact that I’m fishing for change, and I leave the “hand-washing” water running while I creep back to her door & exchange change for tooth…

Damn, I’m a smooth tooth-fairy.

Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

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