04 MayRandom Ramblings

I’ve figured out what I’m going to name my website. Heh. High geek/library-humor factor. But my cousin (the entomologist) will also be highly entertained.

Yesterday I told stories to Marian’s class. There is nothing more humbling than having to listen to 17 minutes of oneself telling children stories when you hate the sound of your own voice. I haven’t been able to do it yet. I put it up online so my Mom could hear it though. The kids were cute at least & they were very well behaved, particularly for the end of the day (or so I hear). But I had a good time, and they seemed to have a good time. One little girl said, “I wish you were my Mommy!” between stories. I know her Mommy. She seems to be a very together, probably very good mother. She did the whole PEPS thing (it’s a local informal parenting support group thing that I never really had time to do what with being a working mommy and all) & has other parent friends and knows all the playdate protocols and stuff that I’m completely clueless about. But she’s nice to me.

I am able to find many zillions of ways to distract myself from the tasks at hand. Today I’ve been poking around weaving sites, looking up domain/hosting information, randomly searching spinning sites, finding fiber stuff, compulsively checking bloglines & gmail, & mamamail, and… I’m tempted to ask my Mommy to bring up her loom on Mother’s Day, but so far I have resisted. Largely because I asked her to hold it for me until after I graduate so it’s not a distraction in the meantime. I’ve been uniquely easy to distract this week. In fact, going out of my way to seek distractions. This is not very productive.

My Mother’s Day gift is two tix to Forever Tango at the Fifth Avenue Theater. We’re way up in nosebleed, but eh. It’s a night without the kids, just the two of us. Shocking stuff right there alone!

Weaving Works is having a Mother’s Day sale this weekend. One more distraction for my conniving mind to fester on.

Whoever designed The Nose did a damn good job of it. I’ve been a mother for what, 7ish years now (if I include part of a pregnancy), and my children have not yet broken my nose. Every time they smash their heads into the bridge of my nose & I hear the cartlidge crack, once the pain subsides, I always have to marvel… M2 got me this morning. Shortly after M1 dropped her head on & dug her shoulder into a full bladder as she was trying to use my abdomen as a pillow. Ah, children. Why do they have to wake up at 6:30am? I mean besides the fact that my alarm goes off at 6 & I’ve been sleeping through it for the past half hour… hour… whatever. Ok. Rhetorical.

Time to stop rambling and tie up any loose ends I’ve managed to create despite my distractions this afternoon. Dinner smells really good.

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