03 MayDecade Space Needle Event & the weekend in general

Going backwards through the weekend… Sunday was the big once-a-decade-meet-jainabee-at-the-top-of-the-space-needle-at-high-noon event. It was fabulous, of course. A beautiful day to look out over Seattle. M2 was fascinated by the boats in the water & the planes in the sky pointing excitedly at everything. I always forget how very very flat Queen Anne looks from way up there. I know it’s really freaking steep, but from up there, it looks pretty darn flat. Maybe that’s because I have, literally, nearly no depth perception. But whatever. Only Jaina and I had been at the last one, but this was a fun group to see. Besides trailofstars & our little family & Jaina, my brother & his sweetie were there, Inga-Binga was there, and I got to meet the lovely chloesha too!

When it came time to go find lunch, M1 piped up — “CHINESE FOOD! I love Chinese food!” So off we all trundled to the Bamboo Garden. Inga-Binga found on the menu “Buddha Basket with Special Nuts.” How could we NOT order that dish? M2 was busy putting ice cubes in my tea, then dumping it down her front, putting rice in my water (I found another secret water to claim), eating more rice than anything else, trying to sit on the table… she had to have her own chair between me & her Dad — without the stupid booster seat (she insisted). I’m glad we had a room to ourself or she’d have probably been running in circles around the table.

Eventually the meal came to an end and we went home, Jaina went with Chloe to the ID, Inga-Binga went wherever she went, and Uncle Alan & J went to catch a bus back to wherever they were off to next. It was lovely. M1, M2, and I had popcorn & indigestion for dinner.

Saturday night was great fun and entertainment. Jaina got here earlier in the day (we’ll get to earlier later) and the three of us met sophistimicated and dog_walker at The Sitting Room. We were joined by Jaina’s friend D, who is just as funny as she is, as well as mountainpilot (ooh, I have another tinfoil hat story for you from the NYT!) and imp_of_satan. dog_walker asked Jaina if she’d been downtown earlier in the day, indeed we had (later in the story). Turns out he’d seen her pink hair as he drove past on his motorcycle & he’d thought “My! That’s some pink hair!” There was a little musical chairs, and tasting of various drinks & desserts. It started to get really noisy in there the later it got and it was hard to hear, but what I could hear was highly entertaining. Imp’s right — a big round table rather than a long rectangular table would have been better. Oh well. So it got loud & noisy & we were hogging prime real estate for the waitress, pilot & imp had other things to go do & so did D, so the five of us went back to soph & dog_walker’s for some brief, yet niftily suspenseful entertainment. A lovely evening (and without kids even! WOW!).

Saturday earlier in the day, after Jaina had arrived, she & I left to go see beelavender read at Elliott Bay Book Co. Yay! Bee! I loved hearing her read. And it’s always nice to see her, especially now that she lives so far away… although, this is approximately keeping with our seeing her about once or twice a year regardless of distance… Jaina had faboo parking karma & got a spot about a half a block from the bookstore. This must have been about where dog_walker saw us. Heh.

School-work? What’s that? Ohhhhhh…. yeah. Not so much.

And that is more or less the story of my weekend, told backwards, and perhaps somewhat upside-down.

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