29 AprPotty Training Filter

Tonight after her bath, M2 was standing, all dried off & she grabbed the SpongeBob SquarePants potty training seat & plopped it on the toilet and patted it. I said “M2, do you need to go potty?” She patted it again, paused a moment waiting for me to put her up there & when I didn’t move fast enough, got *that* look and peed all down her freshly clean leg and then climbed up on to the potty herself.

Note to self: if she pats the damn seat, just stick her on it no questions asked.

On the upside, she happily sat there while I cleaned up her little puddle pulling t.p. off the roll, gleefully sticking it between her legs and into the toilet. She hasn’t really got the concept of wiping yet, but she knows that the t.p. goes into the toilet.

After about 20 minutes of this (and the occasional flushing so the t.p. wouldn’t cause cloggage issues), I decided it was time for her to get off the potty. She wasn’t happy, but she’ll spend a good portion of the rest of her life on one seat or another, so no worries.

I do believe that potty training has officially begun. < sigh >

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