10 AprSTFU

I don’t know what they’re doing at the house behind ours, but someone’s been pounding with a hammer & an open window all. freaking. evening. And they’re still doing it. Hello! At least SHUT THE WINDOW! I have kids trying to sleep.

K. It’s only probably bothering me, since I hear nary a peep from either of them, but… still.

M2 is right as rain, she didn’t goose-egg, she didn’t even bruise, she just has a bit of a scraped up face, poor baby.

M1 is going to be ecstatic in the morning. We recorded my first story for my storytelling class last night & she helped. I noted in my journal that she wanted to come take the class with me, and that she was really enjoying the storytelling and that she really wanted to video-record us telling the stories, but that if I sent a picture with my journal of her so that “my teacher” knew who the other person was, that would be ok… and my instructor (Margaret Read MacDonald) wrote back more to M1 than she did to me! What a fantastic thing for M1! It was the sweetest letter. She was very impressed by M1’s alternative line that “Conejito is DOOMED” instead of “Conejito is too.” I liked it too. It made me giggle in the middle of our telling.

P is off seeing Corrosion of Conformity & Motorhead tonight. It’s quiet around here. I just finished my homework for the week & I think I’m going to go spin.

< gasp > TheUniverseOrWhatever heard my whining! The damn window got shut! Whoohoo!

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