24 MarWhoa! Buncha Random Stuff

We’re all of a sudden in the midst of an upgrade sitch on all the hipmama sites. Usually I know so far out in advance that I have time to forget it’s ever going to happen before it happens… I think I found out yesterday and — kablam! We’re moving now! Keeps a gal on her toes, it does!

Trying to figure out how to document a taxonomy project w/o getting folks’ dander up at work… besides which, we didn’t really document anything per se… we had a lot of meetings to bash stuff out. Alas, it was really a significant process for me as it was the first time I really grokked the full scope of what we were doing with our taxonomies & how it all fit into a bigger picture & what all the funky semantic issues that end up with people weeping in the bathtub over Wittgenstein & the philosophy of language trying to figure stuff out… Can you believe we actually had a detailed discussion on the implications of the difference between “manager” and “managers” (one was a job role & one was multiple individual instances… or something…). And “organization”. I think we talked that one to death. Anyhoo.

Then there’s this funny tickle in my throat. I want it to go away. Maybe I should try not staying up until after midnight tonight. Which means I should stop procrastinating on this portfolio thing. Heh. 11 weeks until graduation as of tomorrow… < tick, tick, tick, tick... >

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