22 MarFrustration

I’ll be so glad when school is done.

It’s hard enough to work full time & be a mommy, but school just makes it overwhelming. I feel like a really sucky parent right now. I love them both so much & I just see all the points where I feel like I’m failing them.

M2 is really frustrated by her limited language. N said today she would point at something, talk about it in babble that just disolved into wails of “AHHhhhhhhH!” then throw herself on the floor because she’s trying so hard & it just isn’t working. She is picking up words, she tried to say “Vespula” the other day. It came out “BOOOLAH!”, but she was pointing at her, said “Maaaooww! BOOOLAH!” ‘Spew’s one of our cats, for those who aren’t familiar with ‘Spew, Siobhan, & Tim The Cat. It’s not that she isn’t picking words up, it’s just that she has so much she wants to say and the full sentences of french-esque sounding babble aren’t communicating what she wants to communicate. She gets frustrated when she can’t get us to understand… especially because she understands us really well. She loves big trucks & airplanes & chainsaws & shoes & books… she’ll point things out and jabber away about them. I can understand when she says “BOOO!” And “BAAAAHBALL!” Yes. Baseball was one of her first words. She’s happy to sit with her Daddy & watch baseball.

M1 was an early talker (and it’s hard to get a word in edgewise these days, which may be contributing to M2 speaking in full sentences of babble rather than one word here, two there), and the girl one month older than M2 that lives next door is an early talker…

When we were in Portland in February, she seemed fine, right about the same place as sweet Salvadore who’s only three months younger… it all just depends on where I look and what I think I’m supposed to be expecting. I found some language development tips that I’m going to stick to the wall or fridge or something so I can remember them and try to work with her on them… I hope her frustration and these tips bear some big language explosion. She’s so ready for it, and I know once she starts M1 will have some serious competition in the chatter department, but… I’m ready to hear what she has to say too…

Well. All that language development stuff totally blew any plans for working on my portfolio out of the water tonight. Crap. Did I mention I’d be so glad to be graduated? Of course, that means my portfolio has to be in order. Tomorrow night. < sigh >

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