13 FebSpinning!

So my reward for taking a spinning class is that M2 has croup. But putting that aside for now… Ooohhhh. I’m addicted. I don’t think I’ll be waiting until graduation. Whether I wait until the end of the quarter even is uncertain, although until I graduate, school will be my priority, obviously. Heck… I may not wait until the end of the week… having reviewed the other wheel I want, I see that it doesn’t have some options that I want a first wheel to have (why would one buy a single drive/scotch tension only?) AND that 10% discount coupon are only egging me on. Still.

I think being used to the whole concept of drafting from using a spindle was really helpful — it allowed me to concentrate on other things like not adding the single to the bobbin too fast which causes it to be loopy & play some ‘how fast can I go’ games with myself. Plying will be much easier on a wheel. THAT I am looking forward to. Plying with a spindle goes almost too fast to be any fun & you spend a good chunk of time winding on & swearing when your singles tangle. In all my class time, I got a 146ish yard single spun, which I turned into a 73ish yard double ply. (Think it was about 440 foot single — not bad for the first time!).

In the morning she ran over the basics with us, mechanics, types of wheel, little bit of wheel history, how to, and then she set us free with it. At lunch, I took full advantage of the day of class 10% discount & bought a bunch of roving for different projects I have in the back of my mind. An embarrassment of riches. :) Then in the afternoon she went over different types of wool, and how to find and process a fleece (short of shearing). We met the raw fleece from a sheep named Bridget, and then carded into rolags some of the fleece from a sheep named Pandalamb. The Pandalamb fleece was beautiful mix of cream & grey. In fact, it looks like some that I cleaned this morning — may very well be the same lamby. I like the fact that she knows her breeders well enough that she knows the names of most of the sheep she buys fleeces off.

But now, I have tarried too long over my obsession & must move on to class stuff that hasn’t gotten done yet. Or started yet. Or both. < melodramatic sigh >

Good news, P hasn’t heard any seals in the bedroom yet tonight…

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