18 NovThanksgiving Early

I’m so lucky. Of my own choosing, I have two kids that I love and adore. Sometimes I worry that I’m making sacrifices in other areas of my life that I shouldn’t to do stuff with them, but… I make sacrifices that cut into my time with them too so that we have our *stuff* (insurance, mortgage, groceries, etc) covered… So, I figure it all balances out.

Evenings are my time with my kids where I don’t have to blow them off because I’m trying to do work so I can get paid. The 2.5 or so hours between the time I log off work and the time they go to bed is *their* time, as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes they drive me crazy. But I love them so much it’s crazy too.

Until I Changed My Mind about having children, I never once had any any desire to have kids. I hated babysitting and I never really paid attention to the whole Mommy Things ThatGood Mommies Do. I am perplexed by many of the other Mommies I meet. Of course, I’m mostly perplexed by people in general, so it doesn’t overly surprise me that other Mommies perplex me as well.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I love my kids. I love snuggling with M2 before she goes to sleep. I love reading to M1 at bedtime. I love that M2 so clearly adores M1 and M1 so clearly adores M2.

I’m like any other Mommy, sometimes they frustrate, overwhelm, sleep-deprive, & infuriate me… but damn, I love them. I’d suck at being a stay-at-home-mommy… I think I’m too restless as well as too much of an isolationist. I can not notice for months that I haven’t been anywhere but out for groceries. They get cabin-fever after a few days of hanging inside the house… We’ve figured out a way our little family can get what we all need.

And I love The Husband for being a part of it & putting up with school. And cooking dinner. And doing dishes. And laundry. And all that stuff that keeps the household running. And other stuff that we’ll just nudge and wink about.

I’m a lucky, lucky woman, I am.

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