12 NovRough Day

M1 had no school, no aunt to drop the chilluns off with, so I worked from home. M1 also had two play dates & in the middle of the day both of ’em went in for vaccinations. IPV & we started HepB. They both sobbed. You know the phrase “cry like a little girl”? Yeah. I can explain it at length & in great agonized detail. Oh, and the squirmy wee one on my lap & making it damn hard to work. Not a good day & I just don’t have the energy to go there…

Tomorrow I’m going for some fiber therapy to explore the shop north of me. There’s a Husky game & I don’t want to be caught down at that shop no way no how tomorrow. Nuh-uh.

Man oh man.

But I’ve got a rum & coke now, though I should probably be drinking hot toddies because I’m losing my voice. I’ll switch to hot tea or hot lemonade after this one or something. And now for my weekly indulgence in What Not To Wear & Whose Line Is It Anyway. Amen. I’m *ready*.

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