30 JunFlouncy Pretty Dresses

P sat up & watched Moulin Rouge last night. As I’m on my way to take my bath I see how it’s going, he’s enjoying it, of course. I turn around and see M’s door open about a foot & her perched on the end of her bed watching intently.

“And you’re enjoying it too?” Emphatic nod yes. “Well, it’s bedtime now. It was bedtime an hour ago. Close your eyes now. Good night, lovey.”

“Good night Mom. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! I love you, sweetie.”

Fast forward to this morning. Powerpuff Girls movie has been released into theaters says P. Huh, I wonder if she’s old enough. P looks at me with THAT look. “Well, she watched half of Moulin Rouge last night!” She may never get over her fixation with flouncy pretty dresses now.

We probably won’t take her. I think she’d think the movie theaters are too loud. And she’d be right.

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