13 MarOn the Importance of Information Intermediation

In the last thirty seconds, of the last lecture of the quarter, he drops the bomb about why information intermediation services [that would be the information retrieval professional/librarian roles out there in the world for you civilians] are about to become a whole lot more important:

But I do believe the demand for the services that we have talked about [information intermediation services] will be increasing in the coming years. In times of great political uncertainty and technological change, levels of anxiety, levels of urgency, levels of alienation increase making it more difficult for people to function in their information environment. Consequently, the role of the intermediator becomes more important, and ultimately, more critical, and more valuable to the user. (M. Saxton, iSchool, Final Lecture for LIS520 — Info Resources, Services, & Collections, 12 March 2004)

ARG! I wish he’d dropped this on us at the *beginning* of the quarter so we could discuss everything in light of this comment rather than being left to go back through everything (who has time to go through stuff when next week, before this quarter is even done, we’re starting homework for Allyson’s 530?). Ah, the joys of graduate school & sneaky professors.

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