(That would be What Would Mary Poppins Do?)

So we’re about halfway through Mary Poppins Comes Back having finished the original. I finish reading to M1 and she snuggles down and says driftingly:

Mommy, you can be Mary Poppins, and Daddy can be Mr. Banks, and I’ll be Jane, and Madeleine can be (what’s the youngest one’s name again?)… Annabel.”

Ok, dear, but if Daddy is Mr. Banks, and I’m Mary Poppins, who is MRS. Banks? **M1 rolls her eyes — I can hear them slurping in her sockets — and heaves a heavy sigh as if I’m entirely too stupid not to just get it already…

YOU can be Mary Poppins AND Mrs. Banks. Daddy can be Mr. Banks AND Michael. Madeleine can be Annabel AND Barbara and I’ll be Jane AND… Uh, John.

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