02 FebMe Lost Me Cookie At the Disco

(Disco Dance!)

Sweet. Friend of ours has the hardware to burn vinyl to CD. As a result of this, I will be able to play Sesame Street Disco in my car, or computer, or living room or where ever, rather than having to stand up on a chair and get the turn table spinning, after blindly aiming the center of the record towards the spindle thingy because I’m too short to see, even standing on the chair, what I’m doing. Yes. The turn table is out of my reach. Mostly it’s out of M1 & M2’s reach. But that, as usual, means it’s mostly out of mine too. It’s some consolation that P has to stand on a chair to use it as well. But I have better luck getting the damn thing spinning. We have another one, but because we keep it way up in the air out of reach of the preciouses, we haven’t traded them out because it’s too much effort.

We really should do that because Marian needs to learn all the words to Fiddler on the Roof and we need to be able to play a buncha our Elliot Smith which we have only on vinyl and that sort of thing. Every now & again it’s good to put on Peter, Paul, & Mary, or the Brothers Four because I have that weird old folk craving on occasion… oh, and the Kingston Trio has the best song about the Bomb. Anyway. Oh yeah, and we have Dead or Alive on vinyl & nowhere else, and some Duran Duran. Our vinyl collection is bizarre.

HA. And I can play Sesame Street Disco at work. I got the theme song for Shaft stuck in my head this morning & forced everyone to listen to it a couple times. “Who’s the man?” “SHAFT!” That was fun. Serious song virus there.

Oh yeah. Nothin’ smells better than burnt vinyl.

Can you dig it?

{Trundling off to begin working on the Paper Of Doom}

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