26 JunDream Saturday Night

Willy Wonka went into commercial development. The third floor had our midwives, the first & second floors had an expanded natural foods/housewares/clothing type store, the fifth floor was the Administrative Offices of the Indian Ministry of Tea, there was no apparent fourth floor, there were two floors in the basement of apartment buildings. The elevators could go vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. While you could request a floor, the likelihood of your elevator actually going there was virtually nil. You could go up to the fifth floor, but you had to walk down very ornate, highly polished wood & brass trimmed stairs to get down from there & the doors may or may not let you out on the floor you thought you were on… much like the elevators. I spent most of the dream navigating the stairs and elevators.

It was very bizarre. Very Alice in Wonderland. I love the specificity of the Admin Offices of the Indian Ministry of Tea too. I worked in the tea/spice world for a couple years & the last place I worked was a teensy-tiny hole in the wall of a shop which imported tea from some of the best distributors out of India, China, and surprisingly France… as well as the usual American distributors, but that’s been a good 5+ years ago, so while I would have expected a random appearance some years ago, to have it pop up now out of the blue is… peculiar.

2 Responses to “Dream Saturday Night”

  1. suess says:

    Ahhhh but pregnancy is just a synomnym for “peculiar”, right?

    I love your dream, those are the type that I have if I’m not having nightmares…like a little vacation in your sleep.

  2. Susan says:

    Oy. The elevators & stairs actually kind of freaked me out. They were kind of sinister. And I was at the midwives getting my blood drawn. Hee! It wasn’t a bad dream though, it just had that vaguely closeted sinister-ness. :)

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