26 JunMorning Sickness & Cravings

“Morning” sickness sucks. I know. We all know that. But it bears repeating.

Yesterday 10:53 am found me sobbing in bed considering calling my Mommy. The only thing that made that scene even more pathetic is that I started sobbing even harder when I remembered I was a “grown-up” now and that even if my Mommy dropped everything she was doing an hour away to come see me that it still wouldn’t make me feel any better. Oh cruel logic.

P called me in sick for the entire day & covered my desk shift. Today people walked by me gingerly and asked how I was feeling. I wonder what he told them. Some one said “It sounded like you were down for the count yesterday!” Which is true. The deep muscles in my torso, between my ribs & in my abdomen remind me today just how much yesterday really sucked. But… what did he tell them?

Few things in this world suck more than vomiting. The one thing that pops into my mind would be the dry heaves, with which I was “blessed” every time I could muster the energy to move from a perfectly still position. I think the less said about this, the better.

I was well enough, though, by the late afternoon to wander next door with M so she could play with A. C laughed and said “oh, you’re going to have a boy!” Then again, one of my s-i-ls ended up hospitalized with “morning” sickness and had a girly-girl, so that’s no sure way to tell. We ate grapes and carrots. After a day of dry cheerios (who came up with that name anyway?), they tasted so good. Within a few hours food didn’t sound so good anymore though. I ate a bowl of cheerios before bed and thought to take my vitamins, as C & I had a long discussion about them.

I don’t know if the B-6 in my vitamins helped or if it was just yesterday. This morning I woke up, stuffed some dry cheerios in my mouth, propped myself up a bit, took a sip of water, and stuffed some more cheerios in my mouth. I sat there a moment. Everything felt… almost right. I was exhausted & could have slept all day, but for the first time in weeks I didn’t feel like the binoculars were off just a little to the left. My body was “on” right. I will probably take my vitamins religiously now for a couple weeks. I don’t know if they “fixed” the problem, but I’m superstitious and will try nearly anything to avoid another day like yesterday.

I moved slowly through the first part of the day today. Barely functional, but functional none-the-less. It took me until 11 to finish my bagel by which time it was hard, stale, and probably should have been repulsive, but it was simple carb & it kept me sane. Then I finished it. At 11:14 am. And at 11:16 am, I was ravenous. And I wanted a baked potato with all the fixings.

No more protein. No, I wanted big simple carbs. And apparently a lot of fat. I wanted me a baked potato, slathered in butter, covered in shredded extra-sharp cheddar, gobs of sour cream (and none of that low-fat stuff either), bacon-bits cut & cooked up at home, home-grown chives sprinkled on top with salt and fresh-ground pepper. Oh, the things I would have done for a baked potato for the next two hours.

I got home though and was so hungry that I couldn’t wait to bake a potato. So I ate one of the left-over rice, bean & chicken enchiladas from two nights ago. Big carb = happy me. It wasn’t my baked potato, but it was close enough I guess. I put M down for her nap and fell asleep for an hour myself.

This afternoon I craved fruit, sweet grapes & cantaloupe, and water. Lots and lots of water. Oh, and coconut flesh. Which means I just ate the remaining piece of German Chocolate Cake from my Dad’s b-day celebration; or, more accurately, I ate the frosting off the remaining piece…

Food is good. But it has to be the right food or it’s all wrong. Much like the evil men who put their cologne on in the elevators at work. But that’s a rant for a different day.

2 Responses to “Morning Sickness & Cravings”

  1. Maia says:

    The best of the worst of it, Susan. Nothing like pregnancy. Damn, I still wish I had an enchilada!

  2. suess says:

    Mmmm, enchiladas, good choice! I had to have a big salad every day, with romaine and baby field greens, tons of diced tomatoes, a big scoop of hummus and a scoop of tunafish, and then it had to have both a balsamic vinaigrette as well as Annie’s Naturals Goddess dressing on it…it was the high point of my day, I think.

    By the way, hM blue makes a great mamatonic tea that might help your queasies..
    http://www.herbalmama.com/mamatonic.html it’s very yummy, and good for you.

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