12 DecFriday/Saturday Grats

Small changes ripple out:

  • 3 Gratitudes :
    • I’m grateful that it was a good meet today, even if M2 didn’t qualify for regionals yet.
    • I’m grateful this is a self imposed exercise and that if I miss a day it’s no big deal!
    • I’m grateful there are people like Amanda Palmer in the world.
  • One positive experience:
    • Getting stuff sorted out with the other CAYA folk for tomorrow — we work well as a team.  It’s nice.
  • Exercise: 
    • Ugh. NO.  For REASONS.  AGAIN.
  • Meditation: 
    • 2×3 minute.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: 
    • I timed at the meet and let P keep his freshly finished tattoo away from the chlorine splashes.   :)

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