09 DecWednesday-Schmendsday

Small changes ripple out:

  • 3 Gratitudes :
    • I’m grateful for big band music — it’s hard to be dour when you’re listening to big band
    • I’m grateful for my husband whose birthday it was today.
    • I’m grateful that I like dark rainy days, because hooboy has it been that in spades lately!
  • One positive experience:
    • The look on P’s face realizing his birthday gift was a Han Solo in Carbonite fridge.  :D
  • Exercise: 
    • Got a nice walk in between raindrops!
  • Meditation: 
    • 5 minute, 2×3 minute.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: 
    • I let someone who was parked into a long line of traffic even though while they were getting themselves set up, I could have filled in the space and they’d have still (maybe) had some room behind me to squeeze in.

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