08 DecTuesday Blues & Gratitudes

Ugh. I ate too much almond today. I don’t usually eat many of them, incidental slivers are no big deal, but I had a protein bar that was chock full of them first thing in the morning and it was bad like whoa.  Such nausea, so misery, all the sad.  I was at work about 45 minutes before I bailed and came home.  It’s true I don’t always enjoy the company party scene for a long period of time, but I do like going for a little bit, until I can’t deal with the bar noise and difficulty hearing people anymore and this meant I didn’t get to go.  I was dressed up nice and everything! BOO!

HOWEVER: I am still grateful for things.

Small changes ripple out:

  • 3 Gratitudes :
    • I’m grateful that I have a comfy bed to lie down in when I feel like crap.
    • I’m grateful that I have a workplace where I don’t get ridiculous resistance to self care (and besides, who wants someone lying on the floor of their office feeling like they’re going to puke? Ugh!).
    • I’m grateful for my husband making me toast when I started getting hungry finally as the almond was wearing off.
  • One positive experience:
    • Any day I don’t actually puke is a great day.  I was close but I didn’t. Given how raw my throat feels anyway, I think I’m super glad of that.
  • Exercise: 
    • Ugh. NO.  For REASONS.  I guess I should go put M1 to bed and come out and do my PT like the nice man suggested…
  • Meditation: 
    • 5 minute, 1×3 minute.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: 
    • I let a lady cross the road (though I had right of way) because there was a bunch of traffic behind me and she was out in the crazy rain.  Get on your way home, lady!  We’re warm and dry in our cars — we can wait for you to cross the road!
    • I also made sure P got to the mechanic to pick up his car before they closed, even though my Dad volunteered to take him on his way home after math with the girls.

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