05 DecNew Project

M1 and I are thinking of a project called Phix’s Curiosity Camp.  We’ll create little projects around things that we’re curious about and people can join us on our curiosity explorations and it’ll be good times.

I kind of have a lot of things I’m curious about and curiosity/liking to learn things is one of my driving features. Part of why I got my library/info science degree is because librarian = a way for me to be professionally curious (and support other people’s curiosity).  Then I had this thought pop into my mind, Curiosity Camp!  Ok, so what does that mean?  Well, I don’t have to be a deep expert, but I can invite people to explore stuff along with me.  E.g.:

  • I want to explore meditation, I get to engage my curiosity and pull together a Meditation quest about the different ways to meditate and get into it, like Yeshe’s 3 minute practice… What happens if you do ten?  What happens if you add a mantra or a word that you quietly repeat to yourself?
  • I love mushrooms — post a picture of your favorite kind of mushroom, let’s dissect a mushroom and look at the different parts, spore prints!, go for a walk & take pictures of all the mushrooms you see (it’ll have to be during mushroom season)…
  • How do perfumers mix scents? (create a little pack of quarter ounce scents that get blended in each mission, might be a little further down the road as we get our feet under us)
  • Yoga — hey, next time you do some yoga, how does setting an intention for your practice change the practice?  How does breathing support your movement?  … ?
  • And this methodology can be adapted to use scientific method for classrooms too…
  • Etc.

Now that we’ve had the idea, we need to do the follow through thing. :)

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