04 NovThings Change, Things Stay the Same

The birds are coming less for the seeds than they were in early October when I could barely keep the feeders full.  Now I only need to fill them every two or so weeks.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a hummingbird, but I must not be watching closely enough for them because the sugar water is disappearing…

This is and yet it is not. I have another blog where I’ve been keeping the cards close to my heart.  It gets read more than here, I’m not sure why I am reluctant to post those things to here.  Perhaps too close to my public persona.  Perhaps some day I won’t have many colored notebooks, but one golden notebook.  Perhaps someday I will finally understand how to fully hold my own center of being, in trust for myself. I sometimes feel close, and yet so far away.   Calculated risk: stop caring about the things that don’t matter.

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