07 OctCleaning up

Yeah, been working on the front page!  I have some more work I need to keep doing on it, but it’s looking pretty nice, huh?  The remaining things are to really tighten up the movement page & the professional page.  It’s stuff that’s easier to work on with a computer than an iPad, and my computer upstairs is on its last legs.  We replaced it with a new one, but that one is typically in use, between the downstairs or kid homework stuff.  Still contemplating picking myself up a little Mac something or other, but keep putting it off.

The other thing that is slowing me down is just being tired when I get home.  Which has always been a thing.  I go go go all day and by the time I get home, I want to let inertia take over and slow down.  I hear the trick is not in finding balance, the trick is in effective flow management and allowing for recovery after effort etc.  I think there’s still an element of balance in that but maybe less on the exacting balance of piling things on top of other things precariously and more the balance of moderation where everything in moderation, including moderation.  I’m rambling.

Trying to figure out what to do from here.  I cannot tell if work is a grand adventure anymore or if it’s just the trenches.  There are interesting exciting things happening, I think, but I am not really part of them anymore, which is disappointing.  I… It hurts and I’m sad.

But it’s a beautiful foggy day out there.  I suppose I should work on some work stuff, and my home page, and my resume, and my linked in.  Tomorrow is full moon, Poison Moon, so will be working on transmuting some wicked poison into medicine.  First, I think a walk in the fog to clear my head, then all other things in time.

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