28 JulIntention v. Motivation

Have been thinking a lot about the two lately, as gyro teacher updates on Orcas draws near, and as yet another year has passed and I have done no classes since last year, and not gone to Florida to get my certification taken care of.

As I was on my way to class yesterday — to take, not teach, obviously — it dawned on me that often I have plenty of motivation to do things, but I don’t always have a clear intention that guides that motivation.  I know my motivation behind doing the teacher training:  I like learning, and  I like moving at a deep level, and I like sharing learning, and hearing what other folks who are learning and moving deep are learning/experiencing.  I have great motivation!  Curiosity!  But what I am doing, what I want to do, what I am going to do with all that once the motivation has carried me for a while, what my intention is in getting teacher training is… not clear.  I don’t have the kind of space I would need in my head to take on teaching classes, much less realistically in my schedule.  So… curiosity is driving, and I guess my intention is simply the exploration and sharing of that curiosity.

I have been thinking of doing a 40 day yoga practice (might go longer, might not), and I’ve been procrastinating starting it.  Too tired or too many potential interruptions or am/can I mix in gyro & PT (yes, of course I can!) or lazy don’t wannas or can’t find something I want to do/or plan out a little ahead… Silliness.  But there it is.  In this case, I have intention, but not motivation.  Well, I even have motivation, it’s just not yet sufficiently compelling, apparently.

Things will eventually sort themselves out. Or not.

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