21 JunDream in Portland, beginning of June


I’m working at the computer as usual, I start hearing outside noises, working, big trucks driving up, animal noises, building noises… I go upstairs & look out my front windows & the entire front of my house is lined with horses, like a stables. I see another semi pull up… full of more horses.

I go up to the guy, “Um, what’s happening here? I can’t have horses here, the zoning laws don’t permit livestock in this neighborhood & I don’t have enough land here to support them, even if they did!”

Semi-driver surveys the peculiar scene & says, “Yup, well, this is the address we were given, Ma’am, we’re just doin’ our job.”

“Well, obviously you were given the incorrect address. I’m sorry, you’ll need to load them all back up & get the correct information from your people. (After some consideration) Too bad. It’s a nice day, I wouldn’t mind taking one of them for a ride.”

“Ayup, Ma’am,” nodding appreciatively. “That’s a right American thing for you to say.”

Sometimes I don’t even want to know…

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  1. suess says:

    oh that was great!

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