28 AprThings

Appreciation: CAYA, my family, that I’ve had a whole week off, that I’ve had good discussions with people over that week, that M2 and I got a bunch of yard work done

Me: Thinking about right livelihood, what it means to be collaborative in a competitive world, conflict resolution, ethics, expectations.

Them: I don’t remember right now who they are. We’ll roll today with family — P figured out how to use our new printer as a scanner and has been scanning old pictures from when we were first married, and reading (but not scanning) the letters I wrote to him in those days. M2 seems to have one little friend back. It will be interesting to see how tomorrow plays out given events of this past week. M1 is home for Disneyland, safe, sound and glad to be back in the drizzly, erratically weathered PNW.

Home: Yes, we did a bunch of yard work. And yet, so much more to do. And even some ideas about what to do! I didn’t really get the inside clean, well… Some of it, but I have some routine stuff I’ll need to do tomorrow when I get home.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading: looking for ‘Being Peace’ — we have it somewhere, just not sure where. Think I might work my way through ‘How To Be An Explorer Of The World.’ Because I can. Watching: Cosmos, because made of win. Listening: Faun Fables, because likewise made of win.

Anticipating: apprehensively, my return to work tomorrow.

Projects: calendar and planning some CAYA homework. Taxonomy and generally catching up at work. Preparing for Deipnon, MOTNT, and CoH.

Thinking on: all that stuff I said up above.

Work: back to it tomorrow.

Where I’m At: the bathtub. Because, as M2 would say, sassily, ‘that’s how I roll!’

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