10 NovMushroom 1

Date: 11/9/13
Species: Poison Pie, (Hebeloma crustuliniforme)
Location: Backyard
Substrate: Forest Floor, Fall Detritus.
Surrounding Vegetation: Maple leaves, pine needles.
Elevation: ~ 300′.
Moisture:  Damp.
Manner of Growth:
Gills: Blade-like, connected to stipe, beige, but slightly darker than cap.  Do not run down stipe
Stipe: Button mushroom colored, ~ half cm diameter, ~ two inches long, fiberous.
Cap: Button mushroom colored with hints of reddish brown  at center.
Ring:  Nope.
Base Cup:  Nope.
Smell:  Smells mushroom-y.
References: Keyed by All That the Rain Promises and More…, page 146.




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