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Welcome to Lepismatidae. Why Lepismatidae? Silverfish was taken already, frankly…

What are Lepismatidae/silverfish?  They look suspiciously like little flat, silver (duh) book lobsters. Without the scary claws.
The Animal Diversity Web has this (among other things) to say about silverfish:

[Lepisma saccharina] They usually do relatively little damage, but will feed on paper, book bindings, wallpaper, rayon drapes, starched cotton, linen, and silk (Washington State University 1997)… Silverfish are primitive insects that were on earth before the cockroaches (Bochnak 1999).*

Mmm. Book bindings.

Their little buddies in the Lepismatidae family are called firebrats (Thermobia domestica). They look & eat pretty much the same, except they tend to live near the furnace and frequently have a reddish tint. He probably won’t chime in here much… or at all.

But enough about them. This site is where I’ll be keeping all kinds of stuff, arbitrarily updated based on random whims.

*Lopez, M. 2001. “Lepisma saccharina” (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed May 06, 2005 at Lepisma saccharina.

About me

My undergraduate work was done at The Evergreen State College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1992. In 2005, I graduated from the University of Washington’s iSchool with my Masters in Library and Information Science.  When I came to the iSchool, I thought I might be unique (but totally was not) in that my elementary school librarian finally told me that no, I could not shelve more books, yes, I had to go out to recess. While I was at Evergreen, one of my favorite instructors was one of the librarians. During a class on research, she said, “If any of you are thinking of going into library science because you like books, give up now. Go find a nice bookstore. The future is in data.” And then she introduced us to line command Dialog. True Love Forever!

After working in a library for five years, I reached the point where to do the things I wanted to do, it dawned on me that the time had come for me to get my MLIS. Here I found peers, colleagues, and new friends — a good number of whom I work with today.  I graduated with my MLIS in 2005. I have subject matter expertise in taxonomy, information architecture, content and metadata management, project management pertaining to the previous areas, and content operations management.

What Einstein has written on his chalkboard here is from The Avenging Librarian’s Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian.

In 1993, I met my husband, usually referred to as P around these parts, when we were both working in a music store.  Some how we have ended up working a lot of places together.    We were married the summer of ’95.  In 1998, I became a mother to a sweet little girl usually referred to as M1.  In 2003, I had another sweet little girl who is usually referred to as M2.   I got a positive pregnancy test & my acceptance letter into the iSchool in the same month.  I decided to rock both the baby & the MLIS.  Both girls were born at home, M1 after a 58 hour labor & M2 after about 7 hours. This picture is pretty old now, but is still what I would consider to be an accurate representation of our somewhat feral family.

My involvement with HipMama.com started in 1998 as I was trying to find a community of mothers.  I lurked for a number of years, gradually becoming a non-lurking community member after M1 was born.  I’m not sure how I would have survived the first three or so years without HipMama.com.  In February of 2002, Bee Lavender asked me if I wanted to help moderate the site, shortly thereafter also asking if I wanted to help moderate Mamaphonic.  I accepted.   Mamaphonic has since been integrated back into HipMama.com. I am the Executive Producer of HipMama.com, and Bee and I worked closely on the site until the summer of 2014.  I have since resigned to make space for other things in my life.

More about me?

My first memory of wool was when I was little, maybe five or six, my mom brought home a garbage bag full of hideously filthy wool, with ticks & sticks & hay. We sat down to card it, while we watched the Wizard of Oz, which I was seeing for the first time. I loved the feel of lanolin, I thought the wool was a mite stinky though. In college I picked up spinning. In my final year of getting my masters degree, listening to three hour lectures, I took spinning up again. In my second to last quarter, I bought my early graduation present to myself — a spinning wheel. I find it soothing. I love listening to the whirr of the flyer, the rhythmic motion of the treadle, and watching something come together out of something so unlikely as loose fibers. I do knit, mostly because I have to get rid of the stuff I spin so I can spin some more. I can crochet, but I like the double sticks. I don’t know why, really. As some around me might say I guess that’s just “how I roll.”

I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 12. I learned to play on my mom’s classical guitar.  For my 15th birthday, my parents bought me a steel-string dreadnaught (is that redundant?  It might be!).   I played whatever I could get my hands on/mind around.   I took classical guitar for two years when I was 17 & 18.  I played with friends in college. After I graduated, my playing dwindled off.  In September ’06 I started, from the very beginning, with classical guitar again.  I love to play other stuff when I have other people — it’s a community thing for me.   But classical is all for me, to me, my own. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but there’s a lot of things I don’t get to do as often as I’d like.

I like to make pie & bread on occasion. It keeps me entertained…

As the mistress of my own domain, I suppose I should have contact info. Raves, confessions of sheer delight, etc., may be emailed to me at hipmamasusan [at] gmail [dot] com. Complaints, tales of woe, and general suffering I don’t so much want to hear so put it in an email if it makes you feel better, but don’t send to me.

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