In sixth grade we were assigned the dreaded writing prompt “Who are you?”  And here I face it again. I’m afraid I’m no further along in having an answer to that now than I was then.  Who am I in relation to what?  In which context do you seek the answer?

As you are not here to provide the context which draws you here, I will create a framework within which to work on behalf of a comprehensible answer.

Within the context of career, I don’t have one particular post I hang my hat on. I’ve done a lot of things, you can see my resume on the career page.  The thing that interests me right now about my career, is organizational culture, interpersonal/group dynamics, and leadership. That has taken place with in the context of information architecture/taxonomy, content operations/strategy for the last 15 and at the beginning and most recently in library and library software and content space.  I am currently consulting for HiveQuest, a web platform for empowering teams and leaders to practice their core values and grow a positive culture through virtual 3-6 week team challenges.

With regards to libraries, I’m not and never have been a librarian in the sense of ‘read all the books’ (although, to be fair, I spent a lot of time doing that pre-internet).  The world of libraries opened up a path I wanted to follow when I was introduced to Dialog by a librarian/faculty lecturer during a research course while getting my undergrad degree.  The glowing orange or green lettering on the black background, as all the cataloged content flashed past for me was amazing and I Wanted To Do That.  I enjoy managing electronic content, for small content sets up to enterprise content level sets.  Helping people store and retrieve electronic/digitized content is very satisfying for me.

There is a movement context — I love to move. I don’t do it enough, but I do love it!  I stopped short of getting GYROKINESIS® method certification, but it’s a lovely body of work.  I also do yoga, walk, and currently I’m doing more traditional strength training. Nothing intense, but I wanted to revisit some of the basics to reground.  I’m finding the isolations… sort of artificial feeling, to be frank, but it’s always interesting to explore.

And a big part of what makes me “me” is my curiosity.  I believe in life-long learning.  It’s what drew me to library school, the idea that I would have the knowledge to pursue *any* crazy curiosity I could come up with if I could find the information, and if a librarian couldn’t find the information then… it may not have been documented yet. 🙂  My latest experiment with curiosity has been Phix’s Curiosity Camp. Phix is the way the Greek Sphinx would have been pronounced in the local dialect.  I’m still experimenting with what Phix might become. Right now it’s a venue for me to post and reflect a little about things that catch my curiosity, primarily on Facebook, a little on twitter, and maybe a few other places.

There are many other facets as well, of course, and perhaps those will come through eventually.