Developing Women Radar 2015-4-10

On the radar this week:

Sallie Krawcheck on Why Women in Business Should Take Risks has lots of tips on women in business.

Ursula Burns talks about the power of mentorship in business:

  • Successful leaders understand the power of mentors who they have strategically selected and developed relationships with.

Wonder why women executives are underpaid in comparison to men?  This article sheds some light on how that happens. What’s a woman to do?

  • The sooner you get more transparency, the better, because the disparities build year after year, Albanesi said. And while incentive pay was previously reserved for the C-suite, in recent years it’s become used for lower levels of professionals. That means the gaps in pay start forming earlier.”The accumulation is going to be there even when women get promoted, and also possibly if you move to another firm because usually your past compensation is used in some degree,” Albanesi said. “These differences can be very, very persistent.”

And a new website I might have to spend some time lurking around: