22 AprDark & Stormy Night

The wind is up, the dark has set in & I can hear rain on the roof. After a very difficult week last week… I feel good. Happy even. Tired, mind you, but happy.

I had lunch today with a friend from college & once again, I have the good pleasure to be happy to know the people I know. Easy conversation, good catching up, it was nice. Possibly even nicer than when we were actually in college now that we’re actually, y’know, *grown up*. The people who have come crawling out of dark corners in the last six or so months who have grown up into genuinely nice people has been really lovely. For a long time I was worried about meeting up with people I “used to know” — that it would be weird & awkward. And I guess sometimes it is. But I’m more willing to give it the benefit of the doubt now.

M2 has just told me that her favorite dessert is nutella with ice cream in crepes. That’s my girl! TimTheCat is making bread on my belly, earnestly. Earnestly kneady cat is earnestly kneady.

Life is pretty good. Maybe not as good as this critter has it, but pretty darn good, all the trials & tribulations not withstanding.

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