05 AprIt’s Update Time Again

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. I chaperoned a Girl Scout hike. It was very beautiful but I am very sore this morning! The girls were all troopers and completed a four mile round trip hike. Also? *I* completed it. There were water falls, a dog named Billy, playing down by the river (but not close enough to fall in, although there were plenty of puddles that got stepped in), falling down in mud (it’s not fun until one is covered in mud, right?), pictures by water falls, games of tag…

The ending game of tag in the parking lot was really entertaining. Towards the end of it, M2 went to my car to get a drink of water & she was rummaging around in the car trunk looking for it, crawling all the way in. I came over to see what she was after, and her Daisy troop leader came over too. She finally found what she was looking for, we goofed around a little bit, then M2 hops out of the trunk, looks up at her Much Loved Leader, gets that devilish, impish look in her eye like she’s up to something, and says, “I’m still IT!”, smacks her leader with tag & runs off giggling hysterically with glee at her sneakiness.

After we got home, there was dinner with M1’s best friend & her family. It’s so nice to live close enough to friends that we can just walk over. We drove over — by EOD, my feet were in no shape for walking even another quarter mile… which means I had to be ok to drive home & C mixes a pitcher of drinks when we go over. :) I mixed up The Blue Drink after that & because it’s all alcohol she & I couldn’t drink it on top of the previous pitcher so I dumped mine, I imagine she dumped hers, and P pounded his after accusing me of alcohol abuse. But I had to drive home & he didn’t. They’re a very sweet family & dinners with them are always so nice. It’s nice that they also have kids that get along with our kids.

I guess I’d better get up & look around & see what needs to get done today that got totally ignored yesterday. I’d rather take a nap. The hike-y thing was tiring! Sounds like the little girls just met the new neighbors next door. They seem to have a four-year old daughter. M2 is very excited.

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