30 Dec34 & Other (Non-)News

Yay. Another year down.

So in other news. Reading a book right now called Working Identity. That’s kind of interesting. I’m thinking next time the opportunity rolls around (next fall, I think) I should apply for the liberry school’s mentor program. As in get me one, not be one. I feel kind of directionless apart from knowing pretty clearly that I don’t so much want to be working *with-the-public-at-large* (still totally burnt out from retail hell), so I don’t even know that a mentor would do me that much good, but maybe they can factor that into the match up process. An outside person in the profession might be able to see something that I’d really dig that I just don’t know about or be able to see something that I’m not catching because I’m too close to… I guess a perspective kind of thing. If that makes sense. I don’t know. I guess if They think I shouldn’t have a mentor, They’ll say so.

I survived this fall. Got a 3.3 as the final grade in indexing & abstracting. Not as high as I could have hoped for but considering I did what I’m very good at (which is not asking, just doing, when I don’t want to hear no) and took the class completely disregarding the fact that it required a prereq that I hadn’t taken yet, I guess that’s good that I at least passed with enough that I didn’t jeopardize my financial aid… On the upside, I should be able to kill two more prereqs this summer (though I was only going to be able to get one) and then… I should have all my prereqs out of the way. Sweet! On the upside I got a 4.0 on the info behavior class, which I enjoyed the hell out of. Apparently this professor also does a community analysis class & I’d really like to take it as well — I hope they offer it, I think she’d like to teach it in a distance format, or at least she expressed that interest…

So weird. I’m fascinated by community stuff, yet I’m pretty much a major hermit. I have good intentions though… it doesn’t help that I really don’t like using the phone. Otherwise I could actually call and make plans. And the people with Marian’s friends don’t really do the email thing. Once I have a plan, I’m good to go. It’s just the getting plans in place thing that I really suck at. And once I have a *place*, I’m good to go too. It’s just the whole… process of getting there. Anyway.

P & I have been together a decade (OMG!). M1 is FIVE. M2 is a month & a half short of being a year (and she’s crawling & standing & still only has two teefs, but she’s so adorable except in the middle of the night when she’s satan spawn).

The house was 60 when I woke up this am. It has warmed up to 63 now. I have the heat set so that it shouldn’t drop below 65. Stupid house. Some day I guess we should get the fan checked or something. Marian’s room is usually pretty toasty. And the furnace room. But no where else. Except in the middle of summer when the place is a freaking sauna.

My Mommy is coming to take me shopping for a new outfit. Crossing fingers that I can do this without sobbing in the dressing rooms. Hahahahaha! I will refrain from saying at this moment that there are no clothes on this planet that fit me & no sales ladies inclined to notice I exist because it’s before I go out, but the thought lurks back there somewhere. But I need some new clothes before the rags I usually wear fall off my body entirely.

And I think I just heard M2 wake up. Thought there was something else I was going to cover, but danged if I can remember what it was. Gotta go get M2 before she crawls out of the bassinet & off the bed…

Mmm. Suppose I’ll think of the other thing I was gonna say some other time. I have one free hand to type with & sweet kissy baby cheeks to kiss & a 5 year old begging for me to play a game with her, kitchen & bathroom that should be picked up before my parents show up, & any number of other things to do.

What I wouldn’t give for a nap though…

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