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My undergraduate work was done at The Evergreen State College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1992.   In 2005, I graduated from the University of Washington's iSchool with my Masters in Library and Information Science.  When I came to the iSchool, I thought I might be unique in that my elementary school librarian finally told me that no, I could not shelve more books, yes, I had to go out to recess. After working in a library for five years, I reached the point where to do the things I wanted to do, it dawned on me that the time had come for me to get my MLIS.  Here I found peers, colleagues, and new friends -- a good number of whom I work with today.  I graduated with my MLIS in 2005.  I put it to good use as an information analyst with subject matter expertise in taxonomy, information architecture, and content management.  What Einstein has written on his chalkboard here is from The Avenging Librarian's Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian. 

In 1993, I met my husband, usually referred to as P around these parts, when we were both working in a music store.  Some how we have ended up working a lot of places together.    We were married the summer of '95.  In 1998, I became a mother to a sweet little girl usually referred to as M1.  In 2003, I had another sweet little girl who is usually referred to as M2.   I got a positive pregnancy test & my acceptance letter into the iSchool in the same month.  I decided to rock both the baby & the MLIS.  Both girls were born at home, M1 after a 58 hour labor & M2 after about 7 hours.  

My involvement with HipMama started in 1998 as I was trying to find a community of mothers.  I lurked for a number of years, gradually becoming a non-lurking community member after M1 was born.  I'm not sure how I would have survived the first three or so years without HipMama.  In February of 2002, Bee Lavender asked me if I wanted to help moderate the site, shortly thereafter also asking if I wanted to help moderate Mamaphonic.  I accepted.   I am currently Executive Producer of both sites. 

Here's more stuff I do.

As the mistress of my own domain, I suppose I should have contact info. 
Raves, confessions of sheer delight, etc., may be emailed to me at susan [at] hipmama [dot] com. 
Complaints, tales of woe, and general suffering I don't so much want to hear
so put it in an email if it makes you feel better, but don't send to me.