I know -- why Professional and Movement?

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Sr. Manager of Content Operations

My area of specialty and interest is content/information management, organization, and strategy.

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Movement is a dance with gravity

I also spend time participating in (more) and instructing (less, at the moment) the GYROKINESIS® Method. I like yoga and some other stuff too. Here's more about my explorations of movement, not just Gyrokinesis.

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Elemental Movement

I had a realization a bit ago.  The core four “elements” are generally represented air, fire, earth, and water. Movement is, among other things, the balancing of all the elements — grounding by moving through the force of physics with gravity (earth), coordinating movement with breath (air), your muscles including your heart working as a pump and pushing fluids like lymph and blood around (water), and burning calories/generating heat all the while (fire).

If any one of these things is out of alignment, it becomes quickly apparent. While this aligning of elements is true of generally all forms of exercise, it seems to be more explicit in forms of moving meditation in the body-mind (like one could really split those out!) like Gyrokinesis, yoga, qigong, tai chi, etc.

It was a really nice moment in my head of why and how I find Gyrokinesis to be part of that reset button I need on a regular basis…  Just one of many structured frameworks one can apply to things that are meaningful, not The One framework.

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Hello world!

So some administrata — I would like to find a way that I can have movement posts post to the movement page, and professional stuff post to the professional page.  Until then, I encourage you to use the categories to narrow things down while I keep refining the site.  I have considered not having any posts at all, and I may yet revert to that, but sometimes I like working through what I’m thinking with the written word and sometimes others find that processing interesting as well.

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